A gripping cop film that holds your breath until the end! – Theeran Adhigaram Ondru

It’s been days since we watched a relentless action film, and that ruthless murders on-screen, which not only allows us to empathize with the characters, but also educate us. Theeran Adhigaram Ondru is all about how a young DSP goes after the group of heartless dacoits, who have been robbing the residents near highways, killing the innocent.


From the beginning, we see a rustic, well-built and passionate Theeran Thirumaran, who takes his Kaakhi outfit very seriously. In the very first scene, one phone call makes him to re-visit a case that he can never forget in life, as it becomes personal as well. In 1995, a group of people, ruthlessly murders and robs people with nothing left to them giving us an insight about how powerful they are.  The film cuts to 1999, where we get to see Theeran in the training days. Not just that, a romantic track between Priya ( Rakul Preet Singh) & Theeran, a neighbour in his hometown, works well.  The humour in those scenes doesn’t seem misplaced and doesn’t even affect the pace of the film.


After his marriage, Theeran gets transferred to Thiruvallur district, where a series of murders happen, because of these heartless dacoits. While many police officers, dismiss this case as just robbery, Theeran takes it to his heart and gets obsessed with it. The voice of the victims, who where robbed, disturbs him in sleep, and one day, things become personal. That’s when he decides the track the gang with all evidence.


What’s interesting is that director Vinoth has put in all his efforts in putting down the facts on-screen by consulting with the real-life cop, who dealt with this robbery case in reality. The detailing is what gives us the satisfaction of watching a brilliant film. The makers also give us the facts about the Bawaria tribes who have actually involved in killing and robberies a decade ago with some interesting animations. And Theeran’s action-moments in the north, chasing the killers will be astounding. The difficulties involved in taking a cop team to other states where portrayed well, and they even explained how they faced budget issues. Other actors, including the female lead, Rakul Preet Singh pulled-off brilliant performance. Having said that, her lip-sink in the film is worth-mentioning as many heroines don’t concentrate on it much. Overall Theeran is an example of how a cop film should be made, and how much efforts should be put in.


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