Little help matters! Make a Difference, now

“It is our duty to love the unloved, help the helpless and bring hope to the hopeless.” 

        Hunger and life can never co-exist. If at all it does, one can never witness a ray of hope in their life. We support the NGO’s mentioned below in a motive to eradicate hunger of thousands of destitute souls out there. Bring some smile to the face of many, as you enjoy a movie.

Akshaya Trust: 

Some stories make you smile, some make you sad. The kind of stories you hear from these dejected old souls will break you and stays with you forever. Mrs. Kamala, a 70-year-old was deserted by her own sons merely due to her age, and the responsibilities that come. She was dejected, living her life with no purpose, but it was not for long. She rediscovered a new life, with some hope, after she walked into Akshaya old-age home. Well, this is just one story! Akshaya now shelters more than 50 senior citizens, from different parts of the city, with stories that will tear you apart.

Akshaya Old Age Home in Mudichur is being praised for their commendable service to destitute senior citizens, as they give them shelter, food, medical care, and much more than all of it is, HOPE to begin a new lease of life at that age. Read More

Contact Details: 
Akshaya Trust,
3/59 A, Panchayat Road,
Bheemeswar Nagar, Mudichur,
Chennai – 600048


Realizing the need to go beyond materialistic help, some food or little money, Mohammed Rafi, established Anbagam not just to rescue mentally destitute people, giving them shelters but also reinstated their broken souls.

Anbagam rescues mentally ill destitute helps them to regain mental health and reunites them with the families. At its centers in Chennai (Tamilnadu), Anbagam cares for 45 men, & 40 women, who have been rescued and are being rehabilitated with complete and personalized attention.

Later in 2006, Anbagam was established in the Andhra Pradesh and successfully rehabilitated 488 mentally-ill destitute. They even gave shelter for 63  of them, only to give them some light and hope in life. Read More

Contact Details:
Thirunilai village,
Vichur post,

Sristi Village: 

Here’s a world where every lost soul is treated with respect & dignity. A world created only for people with intellectual disabilities, which they can proudly say as their own. Sristi, an ancient word derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘CREATION’.

Spread over an area of about 30 acres of fertile land, this beautiful world with full of minds is located in Kunamangalam, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu. A seemingly ordinary village by any standards, but its something that’s entirely self-sustaining and eco-friendly. A role model project for helping minds. Read More

Contact Details:
Sristi Village,
Konamangalam village,
Tindivanam Taluk, Villupuram District,
Tamil Nadu – 604304.

ARVI special school: 

Special Children or a differently-abled can acquire skills quickly and can be well-trained to survive in this competitive world. That’s the only motive of ARVI. A resource and training agency that strives hard to build the capacity of SHGs, CBT workers, & differently-abled people. They educate them, and help to develop their locomotor skills, communication skills, and give them physiotherapy, speech therapy, what more and what not?

ARVI also trains volunteers, parents, community leaders to know how to treat a special kid, what should be done and what should not be done.  Read More

Contact Details:
ARVI special school,
Lakshmi Nagar,
Seelapadi  Post,
Tamil Nadu – 624005

Community Seva Centre: 

Ever since its inception, from the year 1993, the Community Seva Centre has been striving hard to uplift the weaker section of the society laying major emphasis on the aged, left-out youngsters, kids and the disabled. Developing a comprehensive approach, Seva Centre works for poor souls who live in Ariyankuppam commune, Pudhucherry, Karaikal & scheduled tribes of Kalyarayan hills in TN. 

Covering nearly 64 surrounding villages, too, the Centre is working for the child development right from womb to becoming a teenager. Even the immunization, nutrition, breastfeeding, pre-natal and post-natal care are given for both the mother and the child. CSC is also running pre-schools for the development of children below 5 yrs of age. More than 13-preschools are there now in Pondy.

By the end of each year, the CSC will come up with new goals and responsibilities. The organization will also treasure and measure the achievements to make the future better. Read More

Contact Details
Community Seva Centre:
REG No.2, Vallikrishna Illam,
III cross, Kasthuribai Gandhi Street
Nethaji Nagar -I, Uppalam
Pondicherry – 605001

Jeeva Jyothi: 

Founded in 1994, by four young social activists, Jeeva Jothi strives hard to bring some ethical changes in the lives of kids, who roam on streets with no purpose, and some, who turns workers. It all started in the village, Kosappur, as it was the place where a group of youngsters took initiative to educate the kids, free of cost. They, in fact, joined Jeeva Jyothi as volunteers.    

As years passed, Jeeva Jyothi’s volunteers were quite disturbed by the existence of child labor in the society. Kids were prone to hazardous jobs, like rag picking, chemical companies, lathe, cemeteries & more. The focus of Jeeva Jyothi was only to throw light on kids who were involved in rag picking, which was its prevalent in Pammadu Kulam. It all started there.

Jeeva Jyothi’s programmes and activities were extended at a large level, to support kids, educate them, give medical assistance, create awareness on child labor, camps, theatre programmes and folk arts training etc. Read More

Contact Details
Jeeva Jyothi,
No.343, Orakkadu Road,
Cholavaram Via,
Budur, Chennai – 67

Swagatham Foundation 

Driven by the urge to pay back to this society, a group of eminent and successful personalities came up with this idea and formed Swagatham foundation. As the name goes by, this foundation will make the underprivileged, to feel welcomed, loved and most cared. The place will bring some hope to the hopeless, light into the end of the dark tunnel, and a future for the downtrodden.

The place plays a major role in transforming the lives of those who wish to have peace and independence at the tail end of their life as well as those who have been neglected in the society.

Not just that, all the inmates are provided with a clean, hygienic environment, healthy food, and a good medical care. Read More

Contact Details
Swagatham Foundation,,
39, Outer Circular Road
Kilpauk Garden Colony,
Chennai 600 010

Disha Sports Academy 

Providing a platform to learn, grow and lead better lives, Disha sports academy has touched the lives of thousands of youngsters now. In a country of billions, the Olympic medal is still a dream, with no ray of hope. Raw talents are buried in the streets of the country. Disha sports academy takes immense efforts to provide a platform for the poorest but talented youngsters and work towards the development of these people in football and boxing.

It’s high time for people to develop an interest in sports despite their economic background, and lend their support for a future champ.  Disha also extends their support for kids who find it tough to continue their education.  The initiative has supported over 3800 children in the state of Tamil Nadu with the aim to help children get higher studies and get employment. Read More

Contact Details
Disha Sports Academy,
No 8, Amble Side, 3rd floor,
Khader Nawaz Khan Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai,
TN 600034.

Gnanadarshan Seva Foundation

Founded by Mr. Sundaresan, Gnanadarshan Seva Foundation runs several programs for education, well-being,  and overall development & grooming of visually challenged women. What more? Sundaresan himself is a visually challenged person with a partial vision, and only that ignited him to start this home. The Foundation is a home for more than 35 visually challenged women, and now the numbers are increasing.

Gnanadarshan Seva Foundation focuses is only on their educational needs, as it improves the quality of their life. Whats enlightening is, more than 500 visually impaired women have been benefited from various programs organized by the foundation and quite a few have secured respectable jobs, even in government institutes. Read More

Contact Details
Gnanadarshan Seva Foundation,
Mr.C. Sundaresan (Founder & Trustee),
New No 3, Kambar Street, Mehta Nagar,
Chennai -600029.

   Among all forms of charity, offering food is considered as an act of highest virtue, they say & it can never be denied. Make a difference in everyone’s life. 

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